Instagram DP Viewer and Insta DP Downloader

Instagram DP Viewer and Insta DP Downloader

Insta DP Viewer and Downloader: You be aware of Instagram – world-famous photo-sharing application. People use instagram for sharing their photos and for showing the world their photography. But over the years, the primary use of instagram is changing. Not only this, but companies are also using Instagram to share their products and promote their products.

It is one of the most excellent application, used by most of the social media users. Instagram is a very complex application, having a lot of features. The app is handy if you want to share your content and photos. The application also helps you to find a new audience. You can start sharing your photos and content, and you will notice over some time, many people are visiting your Instagram profile.

It is a trend in the twenty-first century to get an audience. If you want to grow your audience or get more socialize, Instagram is where you need to go.

Instagram also has a profile section, where-in you can add an Instagram Display Picture (Insta DP) and a small bio with your location and website url. Now, people who follow you or do not follow you can see your Insta DP. There is no way to disable it. But the best part is that the Insta DP is very small. It is rarely possible for people to see the details in such a small picture.

But there is a way to enlarge or zoom Insta DP.

How to View Insta DP?

Instagram officially does not have a tool to enlarge and view Insta DP. Earlier, people used to go to the Instagram website and right-click on the Insta DP to enlarge it and see it. But now, Instagram has stopped it.

When Instagram was new and fresh in the market, if you had to view someone’s Insta DP, you could go to their website. On the Instagram website, you could see the profile of the user and enlarge the DP from their profile when you right-click on the DP and click on Inspect Element. You would get the link of the profile, the link where Instagram stored the Display Pictures of all its users. And when you open this link directly in a new tab, you would have the Insta DP enlarged and download it from here.

However, we do have alternative ways to view Insta DP and download Insta DP. It is effortless for someone to view Insta DP and download it. All you need is the username of the person, and you will be useful to begin.

Insta DP Downloader

Once you have got the username of the Instagram user, you need to follow the below mentioned steps to view and download Insta DP:

Step 1 : Go to InstaDP and open the website

Step 2 : Click at the top search option and enter the Insta username

Step 3 : Now, let it load and after the loading is complete you can view Insta DP

Step 4 : In case you want to download Insta DP, click on Download below the enlarged Insta DP

That’s All. As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to view and download any Instagram users’ DP.