Download CCleaner Free Latest Version

Download CCleaner Free Latest Version

When you are working on one PC or Mac regularly and doing your daily work on it, there are many files extra. File which you may need and may not need. These files hold extra space not only on your hard disk but also on your RAM. Which in turn, slows down the capacity of your RAM and leads to slower processing of tasks. In the end, you are left with a high configuration computer working slowly due to temporary waste files.

CCleaner is an optimization tool for your Windows PC Computer. It keeps your PC fast and secure. The mechanism ensures minimum data in your computer’s registry, which provides speedier task completion and data processing. The software – CCleaner was initially released in 2015 by a company called Piriform Ltd. The software supports major operating systems, such as – Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS, etc. Available in 47 different languages, the company made sure it taps all variants of customers. It can easily be downloaded for free and is very helpful in boosting computer speed.

The computer cleaning software CCleaner gives you four different options inside the application – Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options. You need to take help of CCleaner to maintain your computer. And as you know, the well you keep, the best it works. In case you choose not to clean your PC and maintain it, it will be filled with waste and temporary files and making the operations slower.


  • Free to get

The best part about CCleaner is that it is available for free. Yes, the basic functions can easily be performed by the free version. Which means, you need not pay and buy the premium version. However, if you wish to get access to the premium features, you can buy the premium version. But at the beginning, the basic version is a good start.

  • Easy to use

The makers of CCleaner likes minimalistic design. The software User Interface is very clean and easy to use. By just one click, you can start cleaning your PC, remove temporary files and clean some space on your hard disk and RAM. Which will lead to faster working of your computer.

  • Makes Computer run faster instantly

When there is not much space left on your hard disk and your RAM is busy processing different tasks and activities which aren’t necessary, your computer works slow. By cleaning your computer using CCleaner Free, you can get rid of all the problems. Get access to a faster computer with lots of extra storage space.

  • Makes browsing activity a lot safer

CCleaner also cleans your browsing history and cache & cookies. This helps websites gain access to your past data and show up ads. Which means, you will be able to not able improve the speed of your computer, but at the same time also improve your browsing experience by staying safe.

  • Minimize crashes and errors

If your computer is not cleaned for a while, the registry and temp can be filled and lead to crashed and errors. If you use CCleaner and clean your computer’s registry along with RAM and storage. You can get a smooth work flow and an error free work experience.

Having CCleaner on your computer is very important. As we all like to maintain the things that are important to us, we must do the same without computers. Keeping our computers clean and up-to-date is very important. It will ensure your computer is working at a faster rate and also is clean as new.


  • Download CCleaner Free Latest Version for Windows – Download
  • Download CCleaner Free Latest Version for Mac OS – Download